A Rare and Different Tune - Two Big Announcements

Nearly 150 years before the Grateful Dead got their wings at the Electric Kool Aid Acid Tests, Ludwig Van Beethoven aced his own acid test with flying colors… musically speaking, of course. History repeats itself, and so while we stand cliffside with our eyes on the skies, it is a thrill to report that Reed Mathis and Electric Beethoven will get a proper launch next Saturday, August 6, with our very own “Electric Beethoven Acid Test” in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.

The “Electric Beethoven Acid Test” will be an official attraction inside Outside Lands. How’s that for some Kool Aid? Outside Lands (headlined by Radiohead and LCD Soundsystem) is already sold-the-f-out, but if you’ll be there, please join us at the GastroMagic stage, Saturday at 4:00pm, and prepare for a little mind (and dance-space) expansion in the forest between Lands End and Twin Peaks.

But first….like a jack that has just broken free from his box, we have a SURPRISE for you…

Yes, that’s right — Reed Mathis and Electric Beethoven will present a very special, sneak preview show at Terrapin Crossroads in San Rafael, CA on Tuesday, August 2nd. Yes, we know that’s just a few days away, but this will be our only chance to perform in the Bay Area for awhile and we wanted to give the hometown homies something to cheer about. So we figured we’d unveil our CDM (“classical dance music”) interpretations of Beethoven’s finest works on the home turf. It’s a sneak preview…but a full show. Not only will you get full-on Beethoven’ed, but you’ll also be the first to ever hear this band perform live.

A limited number of tickets will go on sale at noon today!​

In unrelated news, we heard that everybody loves pizza, sex, and PRIZES!! You’ll have to fend for yourself for the first two, but we’ve got a pretty awesome prize that we’ll be giving out to a lucky few next week. In order to qualify, all you have to do is check our Twitter or Instagram on Monday, Aug. 1, and the rest will be illuminated.

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